Neuer Praxispartner: Istituto il David in Florenz

 Istituto il David


The Istituto Il David is a school specialized in teaching the Italian language and culture to foreign learners. The school, which owes its name to Michelangelo's famous sculpture, is located in Florence and is open all year round. It was set up in 1983 and it is one of the first Italian language schools in Italy

The Istituto Il David is situated in the historical center of Florence. It is located in the area that houses banks and world-wide famous fashion shops. The Cathedral, the railway station, the main monuments and museums are all within walking distance from the school.

The teaching method of the Istituto Il David enables students to obtain a good knowledge of the Italian language in a short time by developing the four basic skills: understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Our method places emphasis on grammar, listening comprehension and oral expression.

Classes are held in Italian in order to allow the students to be constantly in touch with the reality of the language.

Alongside the schoolbook, teachers use extra, up-to-date materials. In drafting lesson plans, they also pay particular attention to each student's characteristics and needs.

The classes have a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 4 students, the average number of learners per class is 7/8.

All the classes are made of students with compatible levels of competence

Students come from all over the world, creating an international environment that allows an intercultural exchange of opinion and ideas.

Our Italian language school in Florence offers: Group courses: part-time (2 hours a day), standard (4 hours a day), intensive (6 hours a day). Combined courses: group lessons and one-to-one lessons. One-to-one lessons and lessons for couples. Preparation for the C.I.L.S.-exam

Individual lessons, always held in Italian, can be about various topics such as history, medicine, architecture, literature and so on...

During conversation sessions teachers put current topics forward with CDs, written materials, group activities, vocabulary building, dialogues, commentaries, thus encouraging learners to take part in discussions and make their own contributions.

The Istituto Il David collaborates with many foreign schools and institutes, and carries out language projects and exchange with them.

The schools also collaborates with European organizations to develop Erasmus+ projects.


ISTITUTO IL DAVID - Scuola di lingua e cultura italiana
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